Swimmer Lakes GCC
Indoor Swim Parties

Private Party Hours

Contact Tori Fout, swim@lakesclub.com, for information about private pool parties after hours.

After Hour Party Rules

No outside liquor or beer allowed.
 (Ohio Liquor Laws prohibit outside beer/liquor at establishments with a liquor license).  All liquor must be purchased through Lakes Catering. Please call Alison at 882-2582 with your requirements at least two weeks prior to your pool party.
All music must be turned down at 10:00 and off by 10:30pm.

No outside food, drink or alcohol permitted in the pool complex.

Remember, we want to create a fun and safe environment. The pool staff reserves the right to notify the club management of any infractions of the rules.

Summer Rental Fees
Rental fee includes three Lakes' lifeguards

Friday 9:15 p.m. - 10:30 p.m
$150 for 100 people

Saturday and Sunday 8:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m 
$200 for 100 people
*Additional fee for more than 100 people

Winter Rental Fees in The Bubble
$150 for Two Hours in The Bubble.  Up to 50 guests, and 1 Lakes Certified Lifeguards will be present.

$250 for Two Hours in The Bubble.  Up to 51-75 guests, and 2 Lakes Certified Lifeguards will be present.

Optional Fees
$25 for additional guard if requested
$25 for clean up fee if birthday cake brought in